Thursday, 2 November 2017

TCMS Ltd: A reliable choice for cleaning and reactive maintenance services

Domestic cleaning services birmingham uk

Being a house wife and mother of four young kids, I have always been very conscious about safety and health of my children. I try to do all house task specially cooking and cleaning myself or at-least supervise maids under my strict guidance. I don’t rely on anyone for this thing as even a bit ignorance in it can cause huge problems for my family. I tried many maids and few cleaning service providers but never got satisfactory results. One of my neighbor had a messy kitchen, I never found her so keen or interested in cleanliness or precautionary concerns for her family. One day I saw a team entering her house with specialized kind of equipment and cleaning tools. I had an idea that they were there for some cleaning purpose. Out of curiosity I visited her house the next morning, she told me that her husband called TCMS Midlands Ltd for kitchen and commercial cleaning services in Birmingham.
Kitchen Deep Cleans
She made me visit her whole house where she got items and areas cleaned, I was literally shocked to see the 360 degree transformation of her house. Her kitchen, her living room, curtains, carpets and rugs were as cleaned as they have just bought from market or newly constructed. No one could even guess about the mess she had at her house before visit of TCMS team. It was a turning point and I decided at the moment and asked for their contact number. I called them immediately on +44 (0) 121 629 0942 and took further details. The rates initially offered along with the package were quiet reasonable and I booked an appointment.

Next day I had a well-equipped team of TCMS Midlands Ltd at my house, they seemed expert and professional. The cleaning tools they had with them were latest. I had actually booked deep kitchen cleaning appointment. They started working professionally and maintained health standards. They did ceiling cleaning, kitchen floor cleaning, deep cleaning of ducting and ventilation and did inspection of hatches for complete cleanliness.

Their style of cleaning each area was quiet impressive as they used multiple cleaning techniques and tools for each area. Especially the quality of service was something I was looking for since long. My kitchen was giving glorious look after cleaning service. They also provided a certificate for deep kitchen cleaning so that before expiry of the cleaning deadline, I could again get cleaning services to maintain the quality level. It was one of the exciting experiences of my life. I quiet enjoyed it and my acquaint also asked me the secret behind such and neat and clean kitchen. After availing, deep kitchen cleaning services, I again called them for floor maintenance, tank cleaning and washroom cleaning. It was a good decision to TCSM for these services and I again and again refer to all my friends and family to avail cleaning services from them as well. You can also avail it by calling them on their telephone number +44 (0) 121 629 0942.

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